Upper Valley Story-Scape (UVSS) was established to connect the public with issues concerning the stewardship of the landscape of the Upper Valley. Established by the Upper Valley Land Trust, the project aims to build community participation through online and outreach programming.  UVSS uses social media tools to build a virtual community of people with personal stories about the Upper Valley and its natural resources. Please visit our Credits page to learn more about the technology behind this unique open source project.

  • UVSS provides a platform for the public to share their experiences with and perspectives on land and natural resources of the Upper Valley. UVSS does not control content but provides a forum for many diverse voices of the Upper Valley to collect, interact, and learn from one another.
  • UVSS takes the perspective that we have much to learn from the voices of the public. As a community-based land conservancy, UVLT draws from UVSS to understand the interests and needs of Upper Valley people and provide opportunities for individuals to engage in natural resource stewardship.
  • UVSS believes that technology can be a tool to connect individuals with similar values, collect diverse perspectives and questions, and to broker relationships among residents, experts and resources in the field.
UVSS celebrates the diverse values and concerns of the people living in the Upper Valley. It invites people to share their voices in a range of formats--as audio, video, photo or text contributions--to an online archive. It also encourages contributors to explore, interact and connect with other voices. These many voices will help determine the future directions of the Upper Valley Story-Scape project.